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Our Promises

  • Make Your Brand Known
  • Create Distributions
  • Helping you Achieving your Goals

What we Do

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Brand Awarness

Brand Awarness

  • Social networks
  • Buzdrinks professional network
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  • Select Countries
  • Marketing campaign
  • Sampling
  • Tasting
  • Negotiation
  • Sales
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  • Top 20 products
  • Top European city
  • 300 consumers
  • Sales


Successful development projects for commercial wines or beverages require a prior comparison of the product with the market. The constant supervision over our network of loyal business partners around the world, offers you invaluable insights into the relevant constraints and perspectives: industry trends of brand wines, atypical wines or beverages, cultural and generational traits along with consumer trends, market maturity, pricing and distribution practices, as well as regulatory and commercial market-entry criteria.

Our Goal

Based on your product features, our goal is to seek and target opportunities and define the most effective market approach for your product.


Based on an in-depth study, we define the optimal price levels and, where appropriate, the effects of appropriate product ranges for consumers, as well as for intermediate distribution targets.

We explore the production cycle upstream of the bottling phase (vine exploitation, purchasing policy, winemaking process, blending, conservation ...) to define improvement areas and implement any resulting actions. The broad industry expertise of our network, including oenologists and vineyard specialists, can be mobilised according to the goals that we have jointly defined.

Our Resources

  • 30 years of expertise in the drink industry
  • 22,612 drink importers
  • 27,768 on social network
  • 99 countries
  • Commitment
  • Investment


The triptych of good product, strong identity and price consistency helps us manage the marketing phase, which we are undertaking from a 10,000-bottle threshold. Its launch is based on area-specific programmes and possibly phasing, which can setup in no time with our global network with presence in 200 countries.

Beyond that, at your request, we can create a tailor-made network, providing for the stages of qualification, research, negotiation and implementation of the targeted network.

Brand Selection

  • Packaging
  • What so Special
  • Pricing
  • What is your promises
  • Willingness to sale


We rely on a network of producers in France and around the world that we love recommending for the quality of their products and their flexibility to meet custom requests.

We can select your products in your preferred regions.

We Will Adapt and Make a
Tailor-Made Development Program for You