The combination of magnificent terroir, sacrifice quantity to produce the highestpossible
quality and elegance of the southern slope of Pomerol.

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Chateau Pomeaux's two hectares of vineyard is in a magnificent situation on the southern slope of the Pomerol  plateau Introduction near the border
of the communes of Pomerol andSt. Emilion.

Chateau Pomeaux's vines, which are 100% Merlot Noir, average approximately 45 years of age. The soil of Chateau Pomeaux's vineyards is a combination of gravel, clay, and ferruginous sand with iron-pan and
clay in the subsoil. Chateau Pomeaux produces an extraordinarily rich and robust wine with delicate balance and an elegant and marvelous bouquet.


Chateau Pomeaux's vineyards are located approximately 1 mile from Chateau Petrus, approximately one-half mile from Chateau Le Pin and Vieux Chateau Certan, andapproximately one-quarter mile from Chateau Cheval Blanc andChateau Figeac, which can be clearly seen from Chateau Pomeaux. 

Chateau Pomeaux's vineyards are maintained in ameticulous manner, and its wines are produced to create the highest quality wine possible. On the southern slope of Pomerol, Chateau Pomeaux employs a combination of sophisticated winemaking techniques, including rigorous pruning, green harvests,late picking to ensure optimum maturity, meticulous hand picking and sorting, selection, lengthy temperature-controlled maceration and slow fermentation in small oak tanks, malolactic fermentation in new oak barrels, scrupulous vinification, and extended ageing in new oak barrels. Chateau Pomeaux produces approximately 4,000 to 5,000 bottles (0.75 litres each) of high-quality wine each year.

Appellation: Pomerol

Estate Name: Pomeaux

Grape varieties: 100% Merlot

Geographical location: France

Tasting Note: Red and dark fruits and spices, round smooth tanning, red ripe fruits, smooth and long finish.

Food-Wine pairing: Grilled meat, venison in sauce

Serving conditions: 16-18 C (60-65 F)

Alcohol content: Alc Vol 13%


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Our strength is our quality; we are the liaison between the terroir and the wine; while respecting local customs to reflect the true identity of our products.


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