Cognac Elodie

We are convinced that blending Eaux de vie coming from one exceptional estate gives Cognac an unmistakable character and strength. Deeply attached to the terroir, we have decided to produce distinct Cognacs based on their origins. Our philosophy is therefore summed up in the expression « Single Estate Cognac »

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Our network, made up entirely of highly qualified partners in their respective fields, is our strength. Woven over the years and tested in different contexts and problems for our customers, this trusted network propels our company towards its missions whilst delivering the best service for our customers.


With 220 hectares of vines, the Domaine is today one of the largest independent producers in the Cognac appellation. Francis and his daughter Elodie have put together a first-class team where everyone’s skills, attention and love for the product are essential to the creation of refined Cognacs.

Sustainable growing methods for the vines

The work in the vines is a daily one, every day of the year. The family devotes attention to the vines in order to obtain healthy and balanced grapes. Sustainable growing methods are used in order to best respect the environment and the vineyard. The Ugni-Blanc grapes are harvested plot by plot and immediately pressed on site in order to avoid the transport and overly long treatment procedures. Our vinification cellars are provided with modern equipment to control the temperature specifically for producing great wines for distillation.




VS & VSOP 70 & 75cl

Tradition and savoir-faire have an essential role to play in this part of the production.

During the Charentaise distillation, otherwise known as double distillation, the wines are distilled twice: the first heating gives birth to the « brouillis » that are then reintroduced into the alambic to become the « bonne chauffe » (good heat).




70 & 75 cl

The precious time for ageing

Having space and the necessary time to age a Cognac is a real privilege. On our estates, we have a total of twenty cellars and some 3500 barrels with a potential of about 3 million liters of eau-de-vie maturing.

Every cellar has its own particularity.

Dry or humid, it brings different attributes to the Cognac and alternating from one to another will develop varied aromas.

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Long years of experience in the development of wine estates and brands have forged today's conviction: in a harsh market, wines that are often superb but hardly known can enjoy interesting opportunities.

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